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No two renovations are the same


Bespoke Leathering are at the forefront of interior renovations. Renovating leather is so much more that wiping over with a damp cloth and applying dye. While we can offer all the products that we use to renovate interiors, if you feel that it is not something you want to undertake yourself then why not get in touch.

Preparation is the key to renovating leather and this is something we take very seriously. Having comprehensive knowledge down to the smallest detail, knowing product applications and limitations and knowing that it works in our opinion takes experience. For this reason, customers send either their interiors or vehicles to us from all over the world

If you want to see some of our work on TV then why not watch CAR S.O.S. We have been working with Tim Shaw, Fuzz Townshend and the rest of the CAR S.O.S team since the beginning. You can see a full list of interiors that we have either renovated or retrimmed for CAR S.O.S Here.

Case Study

Lamborghini Diablo VT: This was in for a full respray, so we stripped the whole interior out and completely renovated it. Replacement leather was needed on the dash (both dash sections) A/C Pillars, front headlining, front speaker pods and rear quarter panels. All trimmed in black Nappa Leather. Everything else was deep cleaned and any scratches, marks or impressions were reworked before preparation for dying. Some parts had been dyed before and again, this work had to be fully removed before a new fresh look could begin.

Colour Change

It is possible to colour change any leather colour. There can be limitations as the foundation for any colour change needs to be right. If you like your interior but fancy a change in colour or your interior lacks a bit of individuality and want an accent colour added then why not contact us to discuss your ideas.

Preparation is key and we go to great strides to ensure your interior looks factory, wears, and performs just like and original coloured leather for years for come.

Case Study

This interior had a few issues. A huge amount of cleaning and preparation before we even considered applying the dye. Removal of previous dye applied and reworking and wear areas. From the standard beige, the customer opted for Cardinal Red. Big difference and a vast improvement.