Top Coat Protection: TCP1 + TCP2

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A two part solution that when mixed gives unbeatable surface protection.

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Top Coat Protection (TCP) is the ultimate in surface protection. If you are looking to offer the best protection to something you have dyed or looking to prolong your current leather or Vinyls surface finish then look no further. TCP is a two part solution that needs to be mixed before application. Once mixed simply apply with a sponge or airbrush and dry with a hairdryer. The more you apply the more protection you will get, but don’t overdo it. To much TCP can start to turn the surface finish milky. Typically 2-3 medium coats will be enough. If you are applying TCP to a Black surface then be careful, 1-2 light coats will be enough too much and you can get a dark blue finish. TCP Set 1 should be enough for 1 full seat and Set 2 a full interior. If you have Set 2 and do not want to use it all in one go, just mix half of TCP1 with half of TCP2.TCP1&2 when mixed must be applied within two hours (add an extra hour for colder environments)

Available in:
Set 1.
6ml TCP1 & 60ml TCP2
Set 2.
10ml TCP1 & 100ml TCP2

EP1 is not available for shipping outside the UK.

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Set 1 60ml, Set 2 100ml

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