Sand Paper 800grit

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11cm x 14cm fine sand paper for sanding  filler and leather.

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Sand Paper 800grit is used to sanding BL13 Filler or smoothing warn leather where the colour has completely gone, leaving the uneven surface of the leather hide.

Once BL13 Filler has been applied and is dry/cool, lightly sand to smooth this filler. Wipe over with a damp cloth and dry. You can apply a little neat dye and dry to see if the filler work is complete, if not reapply and sand.

If the surface of your leather has no colour and been warn through to the hide then this can leave a very uneven and furry surface. We recommend applying neat dye to the leather, dry and leave it cool. Once cold and when you rub your hand over its surface you will feel its roughness. Using 800grit, lightly sand the leather, wipe over with a damp cloth and dry after which the surface of the leather will be smoother.

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