Mixed (Leather & Vinyl) Interior Bundle BL1,BL2 & BL4

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For interiors that have a mix of leather and vinyl.

Bundle Includes:
BL1 Concentrated Leather Cleaner
BL2 Leather Conditioner
BL4 Vinyl Cleaner
250ml of each

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Many interiors have leather seat faces and vinyl side sections. Various interior panels can also be a mix of leather & vinyl.

BL1-A thick concentrated pH Neutral cleaner which also contains glycerine helping soften the leather as you clean.
BL2-A creamy Leather Conditioner which resonates the smell of Real Leather.
BL4-A Vinyl Cleaner supplied with trigger spray (picutred) for Regular Use.

Trigger Spray
Gloss white plastic mini trigger spray, comes complete with spray dip tube.
Spray can be locked to avoid unnecessary sprays during transportation.

What to add a Concentrated Repair Dye to your bundle?
For a dye to qualify for bundle discount, you must purchase the dye as well as the bundle. When a dye purchased shows on the same sales receipt as the bundle we will;
1. Combine postage and add the dye to the bundle
2. Refund combined postage cost along with a further 5% discount on the dye purchased.

Refunds will be given after checkout is complete.

When a dye does not qualify for bundle discount.
Dyes purchased at a separate time or not showing on the same sales receipt with a bundle will not qualify for a bundle discount.

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 29 x 16 x 8 cm
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