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GT18 Leather Degreasant & Fabric Cleaner

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A mild solvent used for the final wipe before recolouring leather.

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GT18 has been used at Bespoke Leathering for many years as the final wipe before recolouring leather. Its main advantage is that it will not leave a residue once fully dry. Apply GT18 to a soft cloth and wipe over the leather paying particular attention to stitching, creases and folds. You can speed up the drying of GT18 with a hairdryer. Once dry, your leather is at its cleanest state and we recommend that you only use this product if you intend to apply the dye within a few minutes of GT18 fully drying to take full advantage of the clean surface. Because of shipping restrictions, we are not able to send this product outside the EU but as a substitute, you can use bodyshop panel wipe or cheap thinners. Remember, you are not to use it as a deep cleaner, only as a light wipe. Excessive use of panel wipe or thinners will damage your stitching and will dry your leather

If using GT18 on fabric, apply a small amount to a soft cloth and dab (do not rub)Clean the area around the stain with less solvent to prevent a tide mark.

Important Note: Due to restrictions only 65ml and 100ml can be sent outside the UK and Europe

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