EP2 Adhesion

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Improves the adhesion of dye to leather or vinly
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EP2 Adhesion is available separate from EP1

Due to restrictions on sending chemicals EP1 cannot be dispatched outside the UK. So, for our customers outside of the UK we are offering the EP2 element separately.
EP2 is an excellent stand-alone adhesive base which can be used on its own and has much better adhesions properties than the dye on its own.

  • EP2 is not the same as BL7 Precoat.
  • EP2 is the next level up from BL7 Precoat and available in much smaller quantities for when you only need a small amount for local repairs.


  • Wipe or spray EP2 Adhesion onto the leather or vinyl’s surface and dry with a hairdryer.
  • Two coats are recommended prior to dye application.


  • 65ml-Two front seats with some left for other interior panels
  • 100ml- Full interior

Available to shop worldwide.

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65ml, 100ml

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