BL6 Cleaning Pad

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For Deep Cleaning
L130mmx W60mmx D40mm

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Why is the pad better for surface cleaning?
Cloths, sponges and wipes mainly work on the surface of the leather and do not mould into the grain (veins) of the leather where most of the grime is contained. Our cleaning pad expands to work in these areas.
Cloths, sponges and wipes require more pressure to try to get into the veins but doing so can result in the colour being removed from the leathers surface.

Used with BL1 Concentrated Cleaner, our cleaning pad will clean deep into the leather far more effectively than with a cloth or sponge.


  • Apply BL1 leather cleaner to the pad or onto the leather/vinyl surface.
  • Work the cleaner gently into the leather/vinyl in a circular motion.
  • As detailed in our cleaning instructions, you can apply some water to the materials surface or immerse the pad in warm water which will help distribute the cleaner.
  • Wipe the debris with a clean damp cloth then towel down to dry.


Pad life.
How long it will last will depend on how vigorously you use the pad.
They are disposable items, but one pad is enough for regular maintenance cleaning multiple times and should be cleaned and dried after use.
Two/Four pads are recommended for soiled leather.

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