BL21 Dye Block

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To prevent dye transfer from clothing permanently discolour your leather.


BL21 Dye Block helps to prevent dye transfer from clothing permanently discolouring your leather. Many owners with light leather have fallen foul of dye transfer from their clothing permanently staining the leather.
With brand new leather that has suffered with dye transfer, you may be able to remove this using the correct cleaners and cleaning methods. But after a short period of time, no matter how well you clean or what products you use, you will no longer be able to remove the dye transfer.
Unfortunately, the harder you try the more harm you could be doing as you can start to remove the leathers colour and leave unsightly patches.

In both cases you will need BL0 Concentrated repair dye to reinstate the leather factory colour.

Clean leather thoroughly. Shake bottle and apply with clean white cloth or sponge. Spread evenly covering all areas. Do NOT rub aggressively. Dry between coats with hairdryer. Dry’s matt. Do NOT use on suede or nubuck

In our example below we applied 3 light coats of BL21 Dye Block.
Once dried and to remove the Felt and Pen, we simply cleaned the leather with our BL1 Leather cleaner.

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