BL13 Leather Filler

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A flexible waterbased putty-type filler.



BL13 Leather Filler is a waterbased filler used for filling in small marks and scratches. Apply small amounts and dry with a hairdryer. Each application may sink “settle” when dried and further applications may be required to fill the damaged area before dye application.You can also add a small amount of dye to this filler, turning it to whatever colour is required. BL13 Leather Filler once fully dry can also be sanded. We typically use BL13 Leather Filler for very small scratches on flexible areas such as seating as we find its semi-flexible. If you have deeper marks/scratches to fill then use Dutch Stress filler and then BL13 Leather Filler to finish.
With BL13 Leather Filler you are able to fill much deeper types of damage on hard areas such as door cards and dashboards as these are not “Moving Parts.”

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50 grams

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Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 17 x 13 x 6 cm
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