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Master mechanic Fuzz Townshend and parts-blagging petrol head Tim Shaw set off on a mission to save decaying classic cars for their unsuspecting but deserving owners. The car is taken to the Car S.O.S. garage and carefully restored to its former glory, leading to the big, surprise reveal! Just a warning these reveals have been known to make grown men weep…

Bespoke Leather has been part of Car S.O.S from the outset
Below you find a complete list of cars which we have undertaken work on. We may have been filmed working on several cars but you will see the list also shows cars that we have worked on were no filming has taken place.

Season 9
Episode 2 “Fiat X19” (On Film)
Episode 7“Renault A110”
Season 8
Still recovering from Tim Shaw.
Season 7
We needed a rest from Tim Shaw.
Season 6
Episode 2 “Lancia Delta Integrale Evo II.”
Season 5
Episode 1 “Fiat Dino ( On Film)
Episode 4 “Aston Martin DB6” (On Film)
Episode 10 “ Mazda RX7” (On Film)
Season 4
Episode 1 “Volvo P1800”
Episode 2 “AC Aceca” (On Film)
Episode 7 “Singer Le Mans” (On Film)
Episode 10 “Tim & Fuzz’s Greatest Hits” A lookback. (On Film)
Season 3
Episode 1 “E-Type Emergency”
Episode 2 “Awesome Audi” (On Film)
Episode 6 “Alfa Romeo Renaissance” Episode 10 “Viva La Citroen” (On Film)
Season 2
Episode 2 “MG Miracle”
Episode 3 “Porsche Puzzle” (On Film)
Episode 6 “Start the Dart”
Episode 7 “Morris Traveller Mayday”
Episode 8 “Danish Dilemma”
Episode 9 “Escort in Destress” (On Film)
Episode 10 “Campervan Challenge” (On Film)
Season 1
Episode 6 “Rover Return” (On film)

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