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Bespoke Leathering was established in 2001 by John Brant who whilst working as an engine builder for BMW took a secondment opportunity at Rolls Royce Motor Cars in Goodwood within the Trim Shop.

Interior trimming is something I never really considered. Only when I wanted something done did I start to analyse the possibility of being able to do it myself. Cue…Rolls Royce. The timing was perfect.

So, the foundations of Bespoke Leathering were laid (unbeknown to John). After trimming his car (specifically parts that are not usually covered in leather) requests for work started to follow.

I quickly found that my main skill was the ability to cover almost anything and carefully selected the best materials to use for each specific job. As the work grew ever more complex it was a natural progression for me to develop new skills in stitching. 

Our view is that stitching should complement the interior, not overpower it. An expert knowledge of where stitching should go and not being told where you must put it makes the difference between a standard job and something really special.

Bespoke Leathering has come a long way and will continue to develop. Working on some of the most complex and prestigious vehicles means boundaries and skills are being constantly tested, but we love challenges and always achieve our goals – and yours!

J Brant,
Bespoke Leathering Ltd

Our Philosophy

It is no exaggeration to say that at Bespoke Leathering we are truly passionate about what we do.

Much of our business comes from personal recommendation and we will continue to build a dedicated team to produce interior environments that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

We do this by constantly pushing the boundaries in detail and quality to achieve the highest standard of finish.