Range Rover dyes

Below you will find a comprehensive list of all interior colours which we can provide a dye for.
Dyes are mixed from origional sample that are sent in by customers, car dealerships, or from samples that we obtain while re-trimming a customers interior.
Dyes are not matched to Patone cards or aftermarket leather suppliers.
Whilst we update our colour list on a regular bases, with some colours we have a limited stock and these cannot be replaced until a replacement sample has benn obtained

If you have an interior which you do not know the colour of, you can contact your local dealer and give them your chassis number, (or provide us with your chassis number)
from this they will be able to tell you the interior colour and also provide a code. If this colour is not listed then please send us a small sample no smaller than 2x2"(the bigger the better).
Alternatively a small interior part like a headrest (if possible) from this a dye will be matched and your interior part will be returned unmarked.

If you would like to send a sample to be matched, please provide us with, Make, Model, Year, Chassis number and if known, interior colour and code.
We are unable to match dyes to interior parts which you wait, if you leave a sample or small interior part then we will contact you once ready to collect or we can post it to you.

We are open between 09.30-4.30 Monday-Friday. Please contact us on 0121 439 5633 before setting out. If we have your colour in stock then you can collect, again please contact us before setting out.



Aribaca (AUM)

Ash grey

Aspen Green (LUP)

Bahama beige


Charcoal (LYR)

Chocolate (UGH)



Granite (Light)

Ivory (NUG)

Jet black (PVA)

Kingfisher (YKE)

Navy (JMN)   

Parchment (YAE)

Red (Pimento)



Smokestone (Dark)           




Winchester grey


Tan (APJ)


Below are leather samples sent in by customers with very limited or no information.

Discovery  1995  Pale Blue

Dark blue


Last updated 05.11.11

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