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Below you will find a comprehensive list of all interior colours which we can provide a dye for.
Dyes are mixed from origional sample that are sent in by customers, car dealerships, or from samples that we obtain while re-trimming a customers interior.
Dyes are not matched to Patone cards or aftermarket leather suppliers.
Whilst we update our colour list on a regular bases, with some colours we have a limited stock and these cannot be replaced until a replacement sample has benn obtained

If you have an interior which you do not know the colour of, you can contact your local dealer and give them your chassis number, (or provide us with your chassis number)
from this they will be able to tell you the interior colour and also provide a code. If this colour is not listed then please send us a small sample no smaller than 2x2"(the bigger the better).
Alternatively a small interior part like a headrest (if possible) from this a dye will be matched and your interior part will be returned unmarked.

If you would like to send a sample to be matched, please provide us with, Make, Model, Year, Chassis number and if known, interior colour and code.
We are unable to match dyes to interior parts which you wait, if you leave a sample or small interior part then we will contact you once ready to collect or we can post it to you.

We are open between 09.30-4.30 Monday-Friday. Please contact us on 0121 439 5633 before setting out. If we have your colour in stock then you can collect, again please contact us before setting out.

Year 1950
SL Bright Blue
SL Red/Orange Tint

Year 1960
200SE Beige
220C Light Grey
250S Dark Red
300SL Bright Red 1079
600 Grosser Beige Z48
Bamboo 249

Year 1970
SL Blue
SL Light Beige
SL Cream Beige
SL Dark Tan
SL 380 Light Beige
280CE Light Beige
Light Tan
Dark Blue

Year 1980
G Wagon Pale Blue
SLC Olive Green
SL Medium Grey (For Vinyl)
230CE Pale Blue
420SE Green (For Piping)
Red 267
Beige 235
Dark Blue 232
Light Grey
Dark Green

Year 1990
ML Dark Grey
S60 SEC Chocolate Brown
SLK Siam Beige
Beige 255
Mushroom 265
Pebble 275
Dark Blue *72*
Helios 239
Java Beige 632
Sierra Grey
Alpacca Grey
Orion Grey 268

Year 2002-2012
Almond Beige 215
Pebble Beige 845
Cashmere Beige 204
Natural Beige 874
Sahara Beige 205
Orient Beige 805
Savanna Beige 204
Siam Beige 315
Gullwing Red 817
Flamenco Red 257
Classic Red
Alpaca Grey 218
Reef Grey 208
Basalt Grey 258
Pacific Blue 832
Anthracite 271
Black 201
Royal Blue 842
Java 844
Cognac Brown 807
AMG 2004 Tan
AMG 2004 Blue
AMG 2004 Black
AMG 2007 DarK Grey
AMG Porcelain
CLK 2004 Red
CLK 2004 Blue
CLK Flint Beige
CLS Aubergine
Maybach Beige
ML Beige
ML Light Beige
ML Grey
ML 320 Light Beige
SLK  Bright Blue
SLK Cream
SLK Magna Red
SLK Blue
SLK Dark Blue
SLK Dark Red
Vito Beige
Vito Dark Beige

Last updated 14.10.16

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