Bespoke leather covering

bespokecovering "There is more to an interior than seats and door cards"

It is our belief that there is a lot more to an interior than seats and door cards.

Using quality leather enables us to cover some of the most difficult of interior parts leaving a quality finish.

When required, thinning leather down to as little as .03 of an inch gives us the flexibility to craft leather around some of the tightest interior panels whilst retaining originality and not effecting functionality. 





Modern day interior parts have a much reduced gap between connecting parts. This does not leave much room to craft leather around. Thinning leather helps by reducing the build up of material in tight areas.









Functionality and correct fitment can be compromised when using full thickness leather.

It is common practice for manufacturers to use varying thicknesses of leather throughout there interior,these are mainly dash and concole trims.









 Not all interior parts need thinned leather, most can be covered in full thickness without affecting functionality or fitment.





Last updated 14.10.16

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