Handbrake & Gear Gaiters

gaitorsAs well as the standard colour gaiters thread, there is also the option of changing the thread colours to suit your style of car.

Examples include Alpina, ///M3, Hamann, Hartge. As well as adding leather strips.

Standard direct replacements
Handbrake gaiter £30
Gear gaiter £27
Together £55

Thread colour styles to suit your car (more than one colour)

Handbrake £39
Gearstick £37
Together £74

Alpina, Hamann, Hartge
Handbrake £37
Gearstick £35
Together £ 70

Thread colours to suit your car (single colour)
Handbrake £32
Gearstick £29
Together £60

Leather strips (all)
Handbrake £45
Gearstick £47
Together £90

E39 + Other gaiters coming soon.

View gallery for more examples.

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