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Paying £98000 for a top of the Range Rover Vogue Autobiography you would have thought the interior was perfect? Not in this case.

This customer brought his car down to Bespoke Leathering to initially have the parcel shelf which is not leather, leathered. His choice was to opt for a BMW Individual Merino Nappa leather to match the rest of the interior. These shelves are known for being hard to clean once a bit of dirt gets trapped in the finished patterned weave that covers the rear shelf. But once leathered, cleaning and maintenance is a lot easier. Finished…Nope

The customer asked if we could take a look over the interior and give him our thoughts.

The overall design and finish is magnificent! The seat design and subtle look/feel of the leather is that only found in the high specification models. But as you find in mass production cars there can be faults.

Straight away I noticed an issue with the leather and finish around the stop/start button, in fact the whole panel. There are three leather panels that run under the dash and I can guarantee the worker who leathered the two outer panels did not do the centre panel with the start button on. 

Knowing this takes years of sorting out issues at production level within BMW and Rolls Royce. Quite simply it was a different person, or if I am to stand corrected, they had a really, really…really bad day (and the quality department were not in)…Saturday overtime maybe?

For the start button to be added, the leather is cut using the formed hole on the raw part as guide, and then just insert the button. In this case the leather has been over cut and to compensate they have heated the leather to try and stretch it to cover the gap. Unfortunately the leather has see far to much heat, it shrunk and within the circled red area in the picture the leather above the button (from 10-2 clock) has lost all grain and is rock hard. If you look closely you will see a line about 2mm above and following the brush chrome button surround finish. 2mm away!, this should on the surround, not 2 mm away. And at 11 o’clock you will also see a dark shadow?...that’s a hole! The rest of this panel was creased and wrinkled.

Subsequently this Range Rover was returned to the dealership, shown to the service manager who before he viewed it stated "they never change anything, you will be lucky" quickly changed his mind. The complete under section of the dash plus a few other questionable interior parts were changed.

There is variability is all interior part, especially hand leathered ones. I never go all out to rip the interior apart and say how bad it was, on the contrary it was stunning, but some basic fundamentals were over looked. You cut the leather too big, tried to fix it and now it looks really bad +£98000, please change it. Thank you.

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