BMW Z3 Lotus white: Renovation

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As with any light leather interior, marks or discolouration show up quite quickly.

This Lotus white interior has already seen some renovation in the past and evidence of which could be seen in overspray on the seat plastics which were not correctly masked, removed or cleaned after.

After completely stripping the seats a deep clean was next. Once dry any leather correction that was needed was done before recolouring. Not too sure if this is a common issue with these seats but the customer requested we investigate some lumps under the passenger seat. This turned out to the occupancy sensor! Through heat (from passenger or seat elements) and the seat foam plus element being compressed, the sensor strip became deformed leaving it wavy instead of being flat, this was what was causing the lumps that were showing in the leather.

The issue has been resolved, for now, but our feeling is that this is a design issue and may recur.

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