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The new owner of this Ferrari 360 wanted a little work done on the driver’s seat to bring it back up to scratch and while we always say there is no replacement like leather; renovation can also bring fantastic results as see here.

The whole seat was not to be renovated, just the bolster. The discoloration on the rest of the leather had to stay so these areas would not see any dye. After a water based deep clean it became clear that the seat had been lightly renovated in the past, evidence of this can be see on some of the close-up pictures where there looks to be two layers of Crema (the colour of this leather). Also small blobs of dye can be seen, again on the close-up shots. These photos give you a taste of what is looked for, it’s not just a case of clean and dye, so much more is done. After assessing whether the previous renovation would have an impact of anything that’s we do (which it didn’t) we then moved on to preparation. A lot of the small scratches were taken care of before moving onto the bolster. Once dry the bolster was easier to work with, filler should ever be used on areas like this as it will eventually come out, so taking the colour off and sanding back to a smooth surface was the only choice. Using the dye neat on hide that is showing gives a great key before mixing the rest of the dye ready for spraying. After masking up, 10 light coats were applied to give the finish that we wanted. The colour will look slightly lighter as its fresher, but! Due to its location and the fact it will see some wear quicker it won’t be long before it blends in with the rest of the seat. The leather was still soft after renovating and much improved…BL

The small dark spots see here are pores. There are hundreds just in a small area. Now imagine dirt ground into these which is very hard (in most cases impossible) to remove, the dark spots become darker and larger. Now take a step back and look at the area again, collectively hundreds of these in close proximity will give the impression if a dirty seat when in fact the top colour layer is clean. When you clean you seat and you still get dark looking dirty areas this is what’s causing it. The only remedy is to dye.
Previous layer of dye on top of the original colour.

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