BMW e46 Convertible Renovation Lower Bolster Scuff

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Seeing many BMW interiors over the years it is very rare to come across one as clean as this.

Yes it has the usual bolster wear and a nice scratch on the passenger seat base bolster and light discolouration on the front seat faces but other than that, this interior was in exceptional condition.

When we look at the leather for signs of wear we don’t just look as the interior as a whole, straight away eyes are drawn to the grain of the leather (in this case Bison N6TT) and what grime has collected within the pattern.

With this interior there was not a lot at all, in fact the rear seats had no grime between the grain at all it was spotless.

"My front seats need renovating the rears are ok as there never sat in" is a phrase we hear all the time. And 90% of the time they do need attention. Not in this case.

The drivers bolster has had a local repair done previously. Unfortunately the colour match was not quite right. N6TT has a blue tint in it and if you add too much, it just looks to blue! In the photos I've added you can see this and also were the previous repair dye has gotten onto the seat back, look at the colour difference, then look at the finish once it have been correctly renovated and dyed using the correct colour - perfect!

The scratched leather on the passengers bolster took a bit more work. Working under a magnifying glass with a surgical blade, all the loose "pulls" were cut of and the area reworked in preparation for dye application. Once finished it is extremely hard to see that there was any issue within that area at all.

To us this the result were are after.

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