BMW e39 M5: Retrim & Renovation

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Recently purchased, this e39 M5 was brought to us with the customer requirement to have his Caramel interior fully renovated.

This included replacement bolster top and bottom on both front seats along with the seat base again on both seats replaced.

The leather used to replace these parts was BMW OEM Caramel Heritage leather. Minor scuffs and scratches throughout were also reworked before a full renovation in M3CR Caramel. Alcantara was also requested on the headliner and sunroof cover not forgetting sun visors. A-B and C pillars along with the rear shelf also got the Alcantara treatment.

All black Nappa leather which had developed a shine of the years of ownership was also renovated taking it back to the original matt black instilling the quality look and feel accustomed to M specification interiors. To eliminate any creaks and annoying rattles all door clips were replaced and thorough inspection of the rest of the interior fittings was undertaken. Any that were slightly worn or broken had to be replaced along with seat rail cover, drivers door control panel, rear cup holder, drivers door seal.

Passenger rear door airbag panel was reset after being popped out of place and to finish off the first aid box was also coloured from beige to suit the Caramel interior. This M5 will be returning in the next few months to have all four doorcards completely covered in BMW Black Nappa Leather as per OEM specification.

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