Derby Bentley 1930's. Re-trim & Renovation

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It was interesting to see how much interiors have change with this Bentley. The reason I say this is because Rolls Royce brought Bentley in the 30's, built them as a Roll Royce and sold them as Bentley. So with this in mind, many features on this Rolls Royce/Bentley are present on the New Phantom. Having worked at Rolls Royce for some years in the interior trim, its easy to see interior and exterior features which have been passed on over the last 70+ years.

Our customer had full front seat replacements, removing the sprung seating and replacing with a good quality foam. Rear seat renovation, rear arm/ashtray holder leather replacement. Full carpet replacement (approximately 13 separate pieces). All scuffs and scratches on the door cards were re-worked, door seals and weather strips were either made good or replaced if they were in too bad a condition. With lots careful preparation, use of quality materials throughout the interior there is no reason why this will not last another 70 years.

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