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Was very surprised when I saw this car. It had been valeted and for some reason they thought it would be a good idea to coat everything inside in a silicone based interior shine spray.....everything. The leather was looking like cheap vinyl not the top quality Nappa leather that you would expect in all M spec interiors. There was so much silicone that the interior had to be cleaned three times over a three day period. Not just the leather, but the dash, outer door trims console, steering wheel...everything. You can see the difference in colour, some pictures were taken at the 50/50 stage just to show the difference.

Again once dry the leather was then looked at. Unfortunately the surface of the leather (which was now a matt finish) was covered in hundreds of smaller darker spots. No amount of cleaning was going to remove these. It is believed that the silicone had gotten under the leathers protective layer through micro cracks that develop through the life of the leathers use, even though its only 2 years old. To cover this, a light coat of dye was applied and the end result was a much improved finish. Matt and still soft subtle leather.

Silicone cleaners are not good for leather. Use something water based and/or Ph Neutral. Dye repair had already been done before to both the driver and passenger outer bolsters, again incorrect preparation seen this repair short lived. In fact you could only tell it had been repaired once al that silicone has been remove, because whoever did it added a gloss finish, when M spec leather is matt. so correct cleaning left us with matt leather everywhere apart from the passenger/drivers bolster which had a shine on them, this was addressed and now we have a full matt finish interior.


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