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“My main worry is that it will look to new”. This is what the customer said and something you can understand. An iconic car such as this, 40+ years old and all the original features.

When renovating some cars you have to hold back on the finish you would typically want. This interior did need some work to put a bit of life back into it but more importantly protect it for years ahead. All the original leather had to be kept. Rips and tears were sewn with the little excess you get with leather that’s stretched, lumps and bumps creases and cracks that you would otherwise remove or replace with new leather had to stay. The sun had changed all the interior panels to varying shades of the original colour and as explain before you can only clean so much. To get a uniform colour you can only re-dye or replace. Would re-dying the seats and console, leaving the rest of the interior original look odd? Not at all. The leather was very dry and the amount of water it soaked in while cleaning in was unbelievable, so after a deep clean the leather was treated to 2 days of conditioning.

New foam bases were added and all lose stitching, tears and rips were re-sewn. New material replaced the tired and warn headliner and sunroof which was not as easy as some might think. Every panel below the roof had to be removed. Side windows and seals were removed to gain access to hidden screws which hold the A+C pillars in place as well as a number of other panels. Complete sunroof frame and sliding mechanism also came out. Now looking bare work started on getting the new material in. The roof has a foam coating, touch it with your hands and it will be snowing yellow dust, again this had to stay. With the new roof lining and sunroof in all the panels, seals, screw, clips, covers and windows were put back in ready to receive the now finished seats and console.

On receiving his now fresher (but not new looking) e-type the customer simply said “perfect, just perfect”. Job done! A lot of work but very much worth it...BL

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