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While almost all of our work is specifically made to order we do have some interior parts and prodcuts that are available for immediate despatch.

If you have any questions regarding any items on this page please contact us.

Carbon Fibre Detailer©

“ There is no kit on sale to date specifically designed to restore the surface finish of carbon fibre parts other than this one! ”

Bespoke Carbon Detailer© is a specifically constructed kit designed to restore the surface finish of carbon fibre by removing light scratching, blemishes and fading from carbon parts before buffing to a high shine and giving protection from daily use.

With technical support from one of the worlds leading manufacturers of automotive surface finishing we believe this is the best combination to both restore and further protect the finish of carbon fibre.


Bespoke Carbon Detailer© is a two stage correction kit.

Stage 1 ‘Fine Cut’
The bespoke carbon fine cut compound is a fast acting mild abrasive which can be applied either by hand or machine, designed with carbon fibre interior parts in mind but is equally effective on exterior parts such as spoilers, wing mirrors etc..
Fine cut is designed to remove surface scratches and blemishes which can be caused by the likes of jewellery, keys and general wear and tear an interior is exposed to with daily use.

Stage 2 ‘Finishing polish’
The bespoke carbon “Super Fine” finishing polish again can be applied either by hand or machine on interior or exterior carbon fibre parts. Can be used in conjunction with ‘Fine Cut’ or on its own for maintenance or aftercare. Super Fine will leave a streak free finish with the ultimate deep shine.


This correction kit consists of:

  • 1x 30ml Fine Cut Compound
  • 1x 100ml Finishing Polish
  • 1x 30mm x 30mm Application Cloth
  • 1x 36mm x 38mm Finishing/Microfibre Cloth
  • Instructions and tips

Kit Price £19.99

Note To Seller (Optional)

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Alcantara Interior Parts


“We believe there is more to an interior than just seats and door cards”
Only the highest quality materials available in the automotive industry are used. In our opinion “Quality” materials give a quality finish. We do NOT use Faux Alcantara on any of our interior parts. Faux alcantara is a cheap alternative to “Real” Alcantara which is far superior in so many ways

Below we will list items, quantity available along with Make/Model.

BMW Steering wheel multifunction control panel.

Product Price £95 each

BMW e46+M3 3 Series (1998-2007)
BMW e39 + M5 5 Series (1995-2004)
BMW e53 X5 (1999-2006)

Quantity Available:
Immediate Colours Available:
Black 9040 -Anthracite 9002-Light Grey 4978-Dark Grey 9052-Red 4996-Blue 6408
Other Colours Available:
See Alcantara Colour Range Palette Below.

Images show Black 9040


Image shows Black 9040 (Top) Anthracite 9002 (Bottom)

You will recieve one working Multifunction Control Panel Covered in Alcantara
This payment option will be for this complete part in the following colours only.
Black 9040 -Anthracite 9002-Light Grey 4978-Dark Grey 9052-Red 4996-Blue 6408

If you require a different colour than stated above,please contact us for pricing

Alcantara Colour

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adobe_pdf_logo Alcantara Colour Range.pdf

Important; Please read.
For this part to be fitted you will need to remove and refit your airbag. Bespoke Leathering advises that you seek professional advice. For UK customers a fitting service is available.Please contact us for pricing

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